Rented less than 10 km from Ravenna, it is one of the Amusement Parks - thematic most beautiful in Europe. Wonderland is proposed to organize a weekend of great emotions and relaxation is guaranteed by an area of 700,000 square meters of greenery and parks cared only by real master gardeners. 

There are many attractions and shows. Attractions to thrill the "Katun" showers "refreshing" on the "Niagara" or relaxing breaks in the "Mirabilndia Beach" Caribbean beach are just some helpful ingredients to spur you to spend at least one day in this fantastic park, suitable for adults and the little ones. Do not miss the show "Police Sole", where daredevils Stuntmen, are made of thrilling stunts, as part of a story full of comic moments. To meet all your needs within the Park is organized dense and varied network of shops, restaurants and bars.